Online education

Since 2020, the Intelika Education Center is introducing a new, additional, form of training – ONLINE education.

The implementation of virtual classrooms itself required efforts to define and organize settings that will enable uninterrupted, fluid and transparent lectures with the same benefits that participants would receive through standard education. In April 2020, this was achieved and the IEC achieved the highest grade for the success of online education.


Online education is held in a virtual classroom generated through a program dedicated to online education – Adobe Connect.

In order to make the experience of the participants in the online classroom better, Intelika Education Center has prepared instructions on how to install and use Adobe Connect and delivers them to its students just before the training so that they can prepare for the training.


During each training, in addition to the lecturer and student, there is a person in charge of tehnical support in the classroom, which allows any potential technical difficulties in the classroom to be eliminated as soon as possible and participants continue to follow the training.

In the virtual classroom itself, it is possible to interact with the lecturer, technical support and other participants via chat or audio (microphone). The system of work during the training is also interactive and involves the first demonstration of the lecturer, after which the participants are given a task and do the whole on their computers. If a student gets stuck somewhere or fails to solve a given task, the Adobe Connect virtual classroom provides the ability to share the student’s screen and solve problems together.

Within the classroom, the lecturer shares edukacational materials, with his students , such as manuals, and students are able to download educational materials distributed locally on their computers.

Each training is recorded and after each day of the educational iteration, the participants are provided with a link where it is possible to review the recordings and repeat what they have learned. The recordings are available to participants for 5 days from the training and cannot be downloaded, downloaded or copied due to copyright protection and GDPR. In case of need for longer availability of the recording, participants can always contact the IEC with a request to repeat the recording. With this feature, ONLINE trainings have shown a greater advantage in live trainings, precisely because participants can return to the part of the training that interests them and repeat and improve the processing, which is difficult with live trainings.



-By applying and confirming registration, you will receive an invitation to access the location where the training takes place

-Before the start of the training, we recommend the installation of programs for which the student follows the training (Revit, Navisworks, etc.). The Intelika team has prepared instructions with links for the installation of trial versions of the program, which participants receive before the training.

-During the training, a team of technical experts will monitor the training, and our technical service will help you with any problems with monitoring the training.

-It is recommended to follow the education through Adobe Connect Desktop applications, although it is also possible through any Internet browser (Google, Edge…)

-It is recommended that the training be monitored at a location with a good internet connection, preferably connected by wire.

-It is recommended to have two screens – one on which the lecture and the lecturer are followed and the other on which the exercise is conducted independently. It can be a combination of tablet + computer / laptop, two computers, two monitors, etc.