Intelika Education Center holds trainings from 3 groups of areas:


    BIM processes, organization, documents, management and coordination of BIM projects


    Autodesk, MagiCAD, Sofistik, Tekla and Consteel portfolios


    Preparatory seminars for certification of project managers according to the IPMA system



Autodesk® is one of the leading manufacturers of tools recognized in the construction industry. Until recently, the pioneer from the Autodesk portfolio was AutoCAD, but today, with the development of BIM technology, the influence of Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Navisworks and other tools and AEC Collection packages is growing. Intelika offers trainings from the AEC package formed at: Essentials, Intermediate and Advanced level.

Educations from the tools of Autodesk’s portfolio are also formed by professions – so for building projects there are Revit Modeler Expert modules for architecture, construction, MEP-HVAC, MEP-VIK and MEP-Elektro, and for infrastructure projects BIM Infrastructure Modeler Expert. Expert modules consist of trainings from Revit basics and intermediate level and Navisworks Manage trainings, while for infrastructure projects we are talking about a set of trainings AutoCAD Civil 3D, Infraworks, MAP 3D and Navisworks Manage.


The main goal of MagiCAD® tools is to complete and enrich the workflows of projects created in AutoCAD and Revit. In addition to a rich base of manufacturer elements and generic elements with technical characteristics, MagiCAD modules also offer analyzes and calculations based on market-popular standards. Improved tools for system modeling, analysis and collision avoidance, and many other features.

Critical path calculation, pressure drop, balancing and noise analysis are just some of the functions offered by MagiCAD modules.


SOFiSTiK develops tools for all aspects of construction projects, ie structural design, and provides the basis for innovative workflows and comprehensive digitization

in the construction industry. With a simplified user interface, project workflows aimed at project team members, expanded collaboration interfaces and other features, SOFiSTiK has been developed to support designers in their day-to-day work.

Intelika Education Center as part of the training program for structural design offers two educational modules in Sofistik as part of modeling in the Revit interface: Reinforcement Detailing and Analysis + Design for Revit.


Consteel is a unique software for the analysis and design of steel structures, composite and RC structures. Its main strength is the ability to perform an automated stability design for steel structures based on a precise 3D model of the structure completed with all the eccentricities and stiffness of the joints. Consteel has an integrated CS Joint module for joint design that covers the most commonly used connection types. The Intelika training center offers trainings from the Consteel and CS Joint tools.



Tekla Structures is a well-known BIM software designed and constructed that allows you to create, combine, manage and share multidimensional 3D models full of valuable building information.

Intelika Education Center provides trainings from the module:


Preparatory seminar for the certification procedure and certification of the project manager according to the Act on Spatial Planning and Construction OG 78/15 )

Intelika is one of the training partners of the Croatian Project Management Association and authorized to conduct preparatory seminars for the certification process of project managers according to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction (OG 78/15).

One of the internationally recognized certifications of project management skills is the IPMA (International Project Management Association) universal 4-LC certification system.

Intelika Ltd. conducts preparatory seminars for the process of certification of project management skills according to the IPMA 4-LC certification system.